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Our Story

Serving the thirsty since 1930, The Bassendean Hotel opened its doors to a line forming down the street from 9am, with locals thirsty for their first pint. Standing on the corner of Old Perth Road for nearly 100 years, it has carved out a place as your cornerstone pub and for many, it’s an extension of their living room.

The Hotel never had an easy passage to Old Perth Road. It took the founding publican ‘Patrick ‘Paddy’ Connolly’ five failed attempts in court before a license was granted. On the sixth attempt, armed with 468 local signatures as well as the support from The Bassendean Football Club and Local Road Board, the license was granted in 1929 and the Hotel was finally able to open.

Today it stands a revitalised community favourite with its signature 1930’s charm restored, and the walls lined with the story of Bassendean. Each space has special ties to the pub’s history, so you can explore every corner of your local with a drink in hand and revel in the atmosphere of your pub.

The Saloon Bar

At the heart of The Bassendean is The Saloon Bar, where locals would banter with the barmaids and cold beers flowed. Pubs are a public house and this space welcomes everyone looking to explore its story on the walls. When you visit be sure to start here and make your way through.

Daphne’s Snug

A small, beautiful corner of The Hotel named after one of the licensee’s daughters in the 50s. The snug pays tribute to women’s roles in Aussie pubs. Not permitted to drink in public bars until 1965 in Australia – they would frequent smaller snugs, where they were often charged more for a drink then their male counterparts! Bassendean was a town where many residents served in the war and women played an important role in running the show while local men were drafted. This carefully curated space is a nod to all the women who served the thirsty, likely parched themselves. Tucked off to the left of the Saloon Bar, you can’t miss it.

The Club Room

A space created for our community clubs. The Club Room is a warm lounge lined with memorabilia and rich textures. This lounge is a nod to the sport teams, clubs and meetings that have taken place at your pub, including the local hunting club in the 1930’s who regularly frequented The Basso. Steal an hour or two away with a whiskey and a comfortable perch on the lounges here – you won’t be disappointed.

Connolly’s Sports Bar

Named after our founder, Paddy was a publican, a philanthropist, and a racehorse breeder. Known for his prized stallion ‘Blue Spec’ that was the first WA horse to win the Melbourne Cup – we like to think Paddy always backed a winner, and we believe The Bassendean Hotel was no exception. Today the sports bar features local memorabilia, state-of-the-art screens, live music, and a crown jewel of a beer garden made for cold beers in the sunshine. You’ll always be welcome to settle in for the weekend here.

Gallagher’s Speakeasy

The second level of this pub is another chapter to the story. Gallagher’s speakeasy is an intimate bar you can get lost in. Named after a road board member who spoke on the pub’s behalf, Joseph Gallagher was a prohibitionist himself but that didn’t stop him advocating for the town to get a hotel and for Paddy to be granted his license. Enjoy the native botanicals on our gin menu, another level of atmosphere and celebrate in good company here.

A Special Mention

This pub was a labour of love for many, and our team of local suppliers were curated to give the old girl the special attention she deserved. The textured walls were finessed by Bassendean Locals from Sabi Art and Design, the images were researched and sourced by historian Jennie Carter author of “Bassendean: A Social History 1829 – 1979”. The Collection was framed by the team at Studio 281 down the road in Maylands and the pub was built by Utopia Construction and Fit Out, with a team who worked hard to get her ready!

Warning: Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence: To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises. Licence Number: 6020001081, Class of licence: Tavern Restricted, Licensing Entity: AVC Operations Pty Ltd.